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My Halloween Bingo Quilt Arrived!

It's beyond all expectations! I will try to post more pictures tomorrow as today has been kind of hectic. I guess two of the ones I picked are too big to upload here. 


I'm having some trouble getting the picture just right, but you get the gist of it. 

It's simply stunning! 

Thank you so much, MR! I will treasure this, always!


THE DRAGON FACTORY by Jonathan Maberry, narrated by Ray Porter

The Dragon Factory  - Ray Porter, Jonathan Maberry

Together, narrator Ray Porter and author Jonathan Maberry form an unbeatable team!


I'm not going to write a full review because I'm way behind the times on this book, (it was published back in 2011.) Military/Action type books aren't really my thing, but with Ray Porter narrating, and Maberry writing-now they ARE!  So much so, that I'm starting the next book in this series right now!


*Thank you to my local library for the digital loan of this audiobook. Libraries RULE!*

HOLLOW KINGDOM by Kira Jane Buxton

Hollow Kingdom - Kira Jane Buxton


HOLLOW KINGDOM is simply sublime!


S.T. is a domesticated crow living with his mofo, Big Jim. (S.T. calls all humans mofos, because that's what Jim calls them.) He spends his days learning tricks, caching objects and avoiding Dennis, Big Jim's bloodhound. Then, Jim's eyeball falls out. What happens next? You'll have to read this to find out!


I read the reviews of a few of my friends and decided to give this one a go. I'm so glad I did. There is really no way to describe this book, or to even shelve it at Goodreads because it doesn't fit into any neat category, genre or sub-genre. This is mostly because HOLLOW KINGDOM is from the crow's point of view. And a cat's. And a whale's. It's beautifully written, with prose so carefully crafted-it's both inspiring and heartfelt. For example, (keep in mind this is from the crow's point of view):



“I cannot recommend this to you enough: find something that you believe in, right down deep in the depths of your silvery plumage, and then throw your heart at it, blood and valves and veins and all. Because I did this, the world, though brambled and frothing at the mouth, looked more vibrant; blues were bluer, and even the fetid puddles that collected under rusting cars tasted as sweet as summer wine.”


The other reason I liked this book so much is the humor; it's hilarious! I won't tell you what S.T. is short for, or his pet names for certain mofo items. I found myself laughing aloud on the second page and that continued throughout. S.T.'s hopefulness and his love of humanity kept me going through this past week or so, despite the seemingly endless violence we hear about all the time.


“Watching the sunrise.....what an act of beauty, of unwavering faith, something to look forward to each and every day.”


I am very much simplifying for this review, but be aware, this is a bit more than your average zombie apocalypse. The cause of it was sobering when I thought more deeply about it. Also, I don't see how anyone could not take away a love for our environment, our animals, and our very earth. We need to care of her, because she takes care of us.


HOLLOW KINGDOM is a unique, hilarious, thought-provoking, and beautifully written novel and I'm giving it my highest recommendation.




*Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the e-ARC of this book in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!*


**Also, if you could hook me up with every book by this author in the future, that'd be great.**

FridayReads 8.16.19


Halloween Bingo 2019-Card/Markers/Picks



I think I'll use the Pumpkin Owl for: Called and Read: 


I'll use the Black Cat for: Called but not Read


I'll use Spidey for: Read but not Called




I have some preliminary picks sorted out. I'm still working on the others. Most of these books I'm due to read anyway, due to ARC requests. Some have questions marks because I'm not sure what category I will end up using for them. 

(Usually I fly by the seat of my pants, but this year I'm actually trying to plan. We'll see how it pans out in the end.)


VIOLET by Scott Thomas

TERMINAL by Michaelbrent Collings?


TERMINAL by Michaelbrent Collings
Shadowland by Peter Straub?

SLASH by Hunter Shea

SHADOWLAND by Peter Straub, (originally published in 1980) Group Read at GR. 

WORSHIP ME by Craig Stewart?

VIOLET by Scott Thomas 
A BOOK OF BONES by John Connolly?

WORSHIP ME by Craig Stewart

CORALINE by Neil Gaiman?



Cardinal Black by Robert McCammon



Halloween Bingo Preparty-New Releases- A Little Late!

Full Throttle: Stories - Joe Hill Violet - Scott Thomas Slash (Fiction Without Frontiers) - Hunter Shea A Book of Bones: A Charlie Parker Thriller: 17.  From the No. 1 Bestselling Author of THE WOMAN IN THE WOODS - John Connolly A Lush and Seething Hell: Two Tales of Cosmic Horror - John Hornor Jacobs, Chuck Wendig Twilight Man - Koren Shadmi


I have a little bit of time today, so I thought I'd post about some new horror releases. 


As most of you know, I get a lot of ARCs and above are a few of them I'm really excited about. 


FULL THROTTLE by Joe Hill, (Stephen King's son)

I've met the man a number of times and he's sweet and very funny. 

I've loved everything from him so far, but I've seen some so-so reviews on this one. 

Available October 10th.


VIOLET by Scott Thomas

His debut novel KILL CREEK blew me away, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing if that was a fluke or not. I'm betting NOT. 

Available September 24th.


SLASH by Hunter Shea

Shea is my go-to guy for creature features, but sometimes he writes out of that subgenre. His book CREATURE, despite the name, was a heart-rending book about chronic illness and the toll it takes on a marriage. (Among other things.)

This one looks like a straight up slasher story. Should be fun!

Available October 10th.


A BOOK OF BONES by John Connolly

This is the 17th installment of the Charlie Parker series. It was made available in April to those of you in the UK, but here in the US we don't get to see it until October 15th. 


A LUSH AND SEETHING HELL by John Horner Jacobs

Last year I wrote a review of this spectacular cosmic horror novella:


This new release contains that novella and a short novel.

I pre-ordered that shit as soon as I saw it. I am also trying to make it a priority to read some of his older works that I already own. 

Available October 8th



I haven't been approved for this yet, but I am hoping I will be.

It's an illustrated memoir about Rod Serling. 

'Nuff said!

Available October 8th


Bring it on!


My card! 

It makes me smile every time I look at it!


Booklikes-opoly 2019 Wrap Up!

Hellrider (Fiction Without Frontiers) - J.G. Faherty

As always, thanks to Moonlight and Obsidian for all they do bringing us these games!


I finished up my last read for the game last night:


Hellrider (Fiction Without Frontiers) - J.G. Faherty 


I was visiting jail and the 288 pages I earned, I had to donate to the bail fund. 


My ending bank: $95.00.


I read a total of 14 books for the game. Not too shabby considering how busy I've been over the summer. 


Rubber Ducky is now retiring as I begin looking for new markers for this year's Halloween Bingo! 

Goodbye, Ducky! You've served me well! 


5.21.19: $20.00 Starting Bank 5.23.19

Finished RIDING THE ELEPHANT= 285 pages, + $3.00

5.24.19 Passed Go: +$5.00

5.29.19: Finished THE DEAD ROOM =305 pages, +$3.00

5.31.19: Passed Go: +$5.00

6.6.19: Finished LETHAL WHITE = 657 pages, +$5.00

6.13.19: DNF MIDDLEGAME @ 40%. 528 pages x 40% = 211 pages. + $3.00

6.18.19: DOING JUSTICE by Preet Bharaha 368 pages. +$3.00

6.20.19 Stoker's Wilder by Hopstaken & Prusi 384 pages +$3.00

6.22.19: A Plague of Pages by John Leonard 128 pages. +$2.00

6.24.19 The Reaping by Bernard Taylor 175 pages +$2.00

6.24.19 Passed GO +$5.00

6.28.19 The Saturday Night Ghost Club +$3.00

7.2.19 Passed GO +$5.00

7.6.19 Finished King of the Wood by J.Edwin Buja + $3.00

7.10.19 Finished Devouring Dark by Alan Baxter. +$3.00

7.17.19 Finished Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson. +$5.00

7.23.19 Finished The Last Astronaut by David Wellington +$5.00

7.23.19 Passed Go +$5.00

7.28.19 Finished Smoke & Dagger: A Spectra Files PRequel by Douglas Wnne +$2.00 7.28.19 Passed Go +$5.00

8.9.18 Finished Hell Rider +$3.00 donated to bail fund -$3.00

HELLRIDER by J.G. Faherty

Hellrider (Fiction Without Frontiers) - J.G. Faherty


Admittedly, I'm a sucker for a kick ass cover and this is definitely one of them. When I saw Mr. Faherty offering a paperback ARC of this on Twitter I jumped on the chance!


Eddie Ryder has had a rough family life. His dad is gone, his mom is dying and his smart little brother is trying to stay in school so that he can better himself. Formerly a member of the Hell Riders Motorcycle Club, but now trying to go straight and support his family, no one recognizes the changes in him-changes for the better. All that ends one night after his auto repair shop burns down with him in it. Inexplicably, he, (and his motorcycle, Diablo!), come back to life. Will he get revenge on those responsible? Will his family be able to keep their heads above water now that he's gone? You'll have to read this to find out!


At first, I could not have been more on board with this story. I love me a good revenge tale and this is definitely one. My problems with this novel came about a little over halfway through, when things began to get repetitive.



It's my understanding that Eddie became more and more insane as time went on and as he kept doing what he was doing. {I'm trying not to spoil too much.} But at a certain point it went way over the top and was no longer believable. {As much as a story about a reincarnated man and his motorcycle can be believable, that is.}


(show spoiler)


I loved Eddie's family and wanted to spend more time with his brother and mom, and I did get my wish towards the end of the book, but it wasn't as much time as I wanted. I was not expecting a literary masterpiece here, but I did expect a tighter story with less repetition than this.


All of that said, this was fun, and for the most part, I enjoyed my time with Eddie and Diablo, flying thunderously around the town of Hell Creek!


*Thank you to the author for the beautiful paperback you signed for me, in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*

#FridayReads 8.9.19


Halloween Bingo Preparty-Favorite Halloween Bingo Authors!

The Fungus - Leroy Kettle, John Brosnan, Harry Adam Knight Worms - Christopher Wood, James R. Montague Darktown: A Novel - Thomas Mullen The Devil's Fingers - Hunter Shea Money Back Guarantee - Hunter Shea Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde - Jeff Guinn Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson - Jeff Guinn My Favorite Thing Is Monsters - Emil Ferris Out Behind the Barn - Chad Lutzke, John Boden The Grip of It: A Novel - Jac Jemc


WORMS and THE FUNGUS were both new to me authors I read during last year's game. They both made quite an impression on me. 


I read DARKTOWN for 2017's game and the follow up, LIGHTNING MEN last year. 

I enjoyed them both immensely! (These were both books about the first black policemen in Atlanta, Georgia. Boy, those guys were brave and faced hardships that were just about intolerable.) 


Looking back, I've read a Hunter Shea book every year of this game, so I had to include his name here.


I've read, (or listened), to 2 Jeff Guinn books the last two years. They're non fiction, extremely well researched books and I learned a lot from them. 


Emil Farris' absolutely gorgeous graphic novel made me a fan of hers for life!


Both John Boden and Chad Lutzke are among my favorite authors, in general, so I included OUT BEHIND THE BARN which I read last year. 


Jac Jemc is a woman, and I really liked her book IN THE GRIP OF IT. 

I read this for Bingo two years ago and even though it wasn't perfect, I liked it a lot. 


It was a lot of fun looking back at my old posts and markers. I guess I should start thinking about what to use this year! 





Reluctant DNF

The Raven Tower - Ann Leckie

I feel like this is a great book but I’m just not in the right head space at this time. 

DNF for now with an aim of trying again in a few months. 

Halloween Pre-Party or Why I Could Not Attend

I was able to post for the first few prompts, but that's probably going to be it.


Two weeks ago, (the day after we applied for assisted living), my mom fell down and broke her pelvis. She had just gotten a surgery date for her aortic aneurysm, but that had to be rescheduled. I wasn't thrilled with the care she was getting in rehab, so I got tied up making a grievance against them and having her moved. (Albeit, only to a different floor, but the quality of her care has greatly improved, even though they all hate me now.) 


She is now on the mend, (estimated to be about another month), and then we will most likely be moving her to an assisted living facility, (hopefully there will be a bed available for her at that time.) Once that's done, we will most likely be looking to reschedule her surgery, and then see the back specialist for the pinched nerve she has running down her right leg. (Same side as the broken pelvis.)


Everything is up in the air and I just hate that. I can't really do much to speed things along or to organize things better until we see how she recovers. 


I'm still managing to read a little bit and post some reviews, but to authors or publishers:

I'm probably going to be late with the review I promised you.


Regarding Booklikes-opoly and Halloween Bingo: I'm going to do my best to finish the first and to participate in the second. My favorite part of Booklikes is our community here and it saddens me that I'm not able to participate as much as I would like. Because I appreciate everything Moonlight Reader and OB do to put these games on, I thought you all deserved an explanation and here it is. 

I’m having a hard time...

The Raven Tower - Ann Leckie

getting into the audio. I’ve restarted it a total of 4 times so far, but this last time, some of it finally stuck. We’ll see how it goes. 

Booklikes-opoly Roll!

Hellrider (Fiction Without Frontiers) - J.G. Faherty

I finished THE BEDEVILED for space 6 and at 216 pages, I collected $3.00 bringing my bank to: $92.00.


Dice Roller

You rolled 2 dice:

1 3

Timestamp: 2019-08-03 13:25:45 UTC


I'm visiting Jail!


I have to read something to donate $3.00 to the jail fund. (200 pages or more.)


I have a paperback ARC of this to read and it fits the bill!



 Hellrider (Fiction Without Frontiers) - J.G. Faherty  



THE BEDEVILED by Thomas Cullinan

The Bedeviled - Thomas Cullinan


THE BEDEVILED was a nice romp through the 70's satanic cult paranoia, with a pinch of witchcraft and rituals tossed in for good measure. To be honest, I don't know WHAT or who this group was worshiping, but there was an upside down cross and it was creepy as hell!


The Caine family loses an aunt who leaves them her old home, (more like a warehouse, really), and soon they're off to explore their inheritance. They meet the creepy neighbors, the husband falls and breaks some bones, and soon their temporary stay turns more permanent. Shortly thereafter, their son starts acting strangely, weird things begin to occur and Maggie, the mom, begins to wonder if she's losing her mind. Will the Caine family ever go back home? Will their son ever get back to normal? And why does Maggie start to think she's actually someone else? You'll have to read this to find out!


THE BEDEVILED definitely feels dated, but that didn't bother me. Well, there was an incident that everyone took to be nothing, but today would have caused a huge ruckus and rightfully so. (It was hard for me to get my mind around the fact that this act wasn't even viewed as serious back then.) I enjoyed the slow burn of this tale, and how it incorporated elements and themes that are tropes of the genre today. It was fun to see how these things became tropes in the first place.


I do think the last third of book lost a bit of the momentum and while I did enjoy the shocking denouement, I would have enjoyed actually seeing what happened, rather than looking back on it even more.


Mostly slow burning, THE BEDEVILED was a lot of (70's style) fun, with an interesting cast of characters, and a few genuinely creepy moments. I never guessed what was coming and the end was a pretty big shocker which made up a bit for that little loss of pacing.




*Thanks to Valancourt Books for the e-ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. This is it.*

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