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LET'S GO PLAY AT THE ADAMS' by Mendal W. Johnson

Let's Go Play At The Adams' - Mendal W. Johnson

LET'S GO PLAY AT THE ADAM'S has quite the reputation, so I was excited to finally read it. In some ways, the book lived up to the hype, and in other ways, not so much.


I'm not going to run down the plot because it's pretty apparent even by just looking at the cover. This book was loosely based on a real case. The young woman's name was Sylvia Likens, and I know that I'll never forget her. I've read about her in another book: THE GIRL NEXT DOOR by Jack Ketchum. A book that I forced myself to finish. It was brutal in its descriptions of what happened to her, and I felt like I somehow owed it to her to keep reading until the end. I expected this book to be a kind of rehash of that one, but it wasn't. I also expected it to be rather trashy, and it wasn't that either.


LET'S GO PLAY has a different set up but it gets to the meat of the story right off the bat. This was where I began to realize that there was going to be a lot of psychology in this book. Not only in the captive's head, but in the heads of the children as well. We have kids varying in age from 17 down to 10. We get to peek inside the heads of all of them. I'm no expert, but I read a lot of psychological horror, and the thoughts going through all of these different heads seemed spot on to me. Everyone here acted their ages, and their inner thoughts reflected their later actions.


I have to say LET'S GO PLAY AT THE ADAMS' surprised me. It was more well written than I thought it would be, and the psychology seemed spot on. The facts remain however, this denouement was the same as in Ketchum's book, and as in real life. It was a tragedy and these kids were monsters.




Trigger warnings:

Rape and Torture

(show spoiler)


*Thank you to Valancourt Books for the e-ARC in exchange for my honest feedback.*

Booklikes-opoly Update!

I finished 

The Getaway - Greer Hendricks,Sarah Pekkanen,Emily Bauer 

for the Mystery square. 

Bank: $39.00


You rolled 2 dice:

2 2

Timestamp: 2020-06-18 14:01:37 UTC

I have nothing for that, so I'll roll again because doubles: 

You rolled 2 dice:

1 6

Timestamp: 2020-06-18 14:03:02 UTC


1. Murder Ballads by John Hornor Jacobs

2. The Living Dead by George Romero and Daniel Kraus

3. Blood Red Sky by Paul Kane

4. Stoker's Wilde West by Steve Hopstaken and Melissa Prusi

5. The Pack by David Fisher

6. Nightblood by Chris Martindale

7. Misfits by Hunter Shea

8. The Apocalypse Strain by Jason Parent

9. Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare

10. The Loop by Jeremy Robert Johnson 


I can't get the random generator to post here, but it picked: 6



Nightblood it is! 


Nightblood - T. Chris Martindale 



THE GETAWAY by Greer Hendricks, narrated by Sarah Pekkanen

The Getaway - Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen, Emily Bauer

THE GETAWAY was given away as an Audible Original.


I had a hard time suspending my disbelief, mostly because the main character was not believable. It didn't make sense for her to do the things she did. I feel like everyone was trying too hard with this story, the authors and the narrator. (The narrator was pretty good, it wasn't her fault that I didn't believe the story she was telling. She was trying to inject suspense and excitement but they just weren't there.) 






*I downloaded this from Audible for free, as part of my membership.*


THE ATTIC TRAGEDY by J. Ashley-Smith: Blog Tour/Giveaway!!!!

The Attic Tragedy - J. Ashley-Smith



Today I have the pleasure of hosting J. Ashley-Smith!


His recently released novelette THE ATTIC TRAGEDY is about two young women, each with secrets of their own. (Click the title for my review!)


If you missed my post on Monday, we have a $50.00 Book Spree Giveaway here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway 


 Good luck!


I hope you enjoy this essay from J. Ashley Smith about 7 Greek tragedies that were on his mind while writing this book! 







 by J. Ashley-Smith


-read more-

Booklikesopoly 2020-Roll

Dice Roller

You rolled 2 dice:

5 2

Timestamp: 2020-06-15 15:23:38 UTC

Which brings me past GO 

Bank now: $38.00


I don't think I have anything for this either, but I'll look! 


Upcoming Blog Tour & A $50.00 Giveaway!


On June 17th, I'm hosting a blog tour for J. Ashley-Smith's novelette:



(click for my review)


Today, I wanted to let you know about a giveaway in celebration of



GIVEAWAY: $50 Book Shopping Spree!


GIVEAWAY LINK:  a Rafflecopter giveaway   



 I hope you'll join me on Wednesday as J. Ashley-Smith shares

7 tragedies from literary history!

Booklikes-opoly 2020-Update

Dice Roller

You rolled 2 dice:

6 6

Timestamp: 2020-06-12 17:49:42 UTC

I didn't have anything for the Railroad space on 14, so I rolled again:


25. Read a book that has been adapted for a film.


I don't think I have anything for this either. Rolling again because doubles:


You rolled 2 dice:

5 3

Timestamp: 2020-06-12 18:26:07 UTC


32. The Nordic Express: Read a book set in one of the Nordic countries, or by an author from any of those countries. (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden)


That's another no! I'll roll again over the weekend!

DEVIL'S CREEK by Todd Keisling

Devil's Creek - Todd Keisling

If there were travel guides for places NOT to visit, the town of Stauford, Kentucky would top that list! Devil's Creek is about 15 miles away from Stauford, but that's not far enough to keep the town safe.


Devil's Creek was the site of a religious cult back in the early 80's, a site which burned to the ground in 1983. Those that survived suffer nightmares all the time, even though they've blocked a lot of their actual memories. The head of the cult, Jacob Masters, was a charismatic man who persuaded members of his "church" to give up their children to him, for whatever dark acts he wished to perform. One of them rebelled though, (Imogene), and was able to save six of the children. Unfortunately, Imogene has now passed on and her grandson has to return to the town he hates to settle her affairs. But something else has started happening since his return. The nightmares suffered by the survivors get even more vivid and scary, and soon after? They're facing something even worse: something that wants to make up for lost time and all it's asking for? Is their suffering. Will these survivors be able to get to the bottom of things before it's too late? Will the town of Stauford even survive? You'll have to read this to find out!


I'm struggling to keep this review short, because DEVIL'S CREEK was so epic. Packed with scenes from both the past and the present, there was a lot going on. The author took his time introducing the characters and giving each a thorough history. Which, of course, made it that much more difficult to take when these characters were then put through the wringer and tortured in ways you never thought possible.


Evil in a small town is one of my favorite horror tropes. I couldn't help but be thinking of Salem's Lot, or even Needful Things, where the author did the same kind of storytelling: introducing us to a town full of characters and then subjecting them to all kinds of terrors, both human and supernatural.


The level of writing here was excellent and the plotting well done. Any seasoned horror reader is familiar with these types of tropes, (evil in a small town, Satanic cults, etc...), so it's up to the author to pull something original and enticing out them. Keisling did that here, in spades!


The only issue I had with this book, (and it's a small one), was that it became a little repetitious in some places as events were sometimes told from different points of view. As I said, it was a small thing, but for that, I deducted half a star.


DEVIL'S CREEK is going to have a special spot in my memory, along with the corrupted town of Stauford. Give us that old-time religion, baby. Yes, sir!


Highly recommended!


Available June 16th, but you can pre-order here: DEVIL'S CREEK


*Thanks to the author and to Silver Shamrock publishing for the e-ARC of this book in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!*

#FridayReads 6.12.20

Let's Go Play At The Adams' - Mendal W. Johnson These Evil Things We Do: The Mick Garris Collection - Mick Garris A Collection of Dreamscapes - Christina Sng Abaddon's Gate - James S.A. Corey


Booklikes-opoly Update!

I finished the book you all picked for me, for the Scotty Dog square:

Devil's Creek - Todd Keisling 

At 404 pages, that brings my bank to $28.00.


You rolled 2 dice:

5 5

Timestamp: 2020-06-11 19:57:09 UTC


Doubles: Which brings me to space 2 and I passed go:

Bank now: $33.00

Read a mystery or a detective story. I'm skipping it!


Rolled again:

You rolled 2 dice:

2 2

Timestamp: 2020-06-11 20:06:07 UTC


Space 6: Read a book set in your home town, state, or country or that you checked out of your local library or that has been on your (physical) bookshelves since last summer.


I'm rolling again!


You rolled 2 dice:

5 4

Timestamp: 2020-06-11 20:09:18 UTC

Which brings me to 14

I don't think I have anything for this, but I'll check in the morning! 

Whew, that was a little dizzying!


ARK by Veronica Roth

Ark - Veronica Roth

This was well written-at least enough so that I wanted more-I wanted to know more about the people getting ready to leave the planet. Maybe a little more about how their lives went, knowing their planet would soon be unable to support life. Instead, I got a lot about plants, and one woman's personal history and her final decision. I was a bit bored.


*I obtained this audio free through Amazon Prime.*



CALIBAN'S WAR by James S.A. Corey, narrated by Jefferson Mays

Caliban's War - James S.A. Corey

CALIBAN'S WAR is the second book in The Expanse series, and this is the one that made me a true fan and ensured my continuation of the series.


I want to make a special mention of the character Chrisjen Avasarala, the UN official-OMG her foul mouth had me laughing my ass off! She was a new character in this volume, as was Bobbi, (a Martian Marine,) and Prax, a botanist from Ganymede. I loved them. 


I also want to say that this narrator is fabulous!


Highly recommended! (But you must read this series in order to get everything you can out of it.)


I downloaded this book from my local library. Libraries RULE!

THE ATTIC TRAGEDY by J. Ashley-Smith

The Attic Tragedy - J. Ashley-Smith

Beautifully written, this novella was a short and dark visit inside the mind of a young woman.


Georgina, (George), became friends with Sylvie in a rather dark antique shop. There, Sylvie shares a secret; she can tell where an object has been just by touching it. George though? George never shares her secret with Sylvie or anyone else, (at least not verbally). Why not? You'll have to read this to find out!


Right from the get-go, right from the opening line:"Sylvie never called them ghosts, but that's what they were." THE ATTIC TRAGEDY had me in its grip. This is a poignant tale about unrequited love, about feeling that you're different, that you're never a part of things, never at home, even in your own body. During your teen years, (which is where this book began), one is always feeling awkward and out of place to start with. Add in a few of the issues these teens were experiencing and it adds up to an almost unbearable state. Did I mention there's a supernatural aspect to this story as well? At least, I think there was...


I'm surprised at how much feeling the author was able to pack into this novella, (perhaps novelette, technically speaking). Please believe me when I say, Mr. Ashley-Smith can write. In one scene where George wants to reach out to Sylvie, there's this description:


"My fingers stretched and recoiled, daring then afraid, expanding and contracting like some skittish undersea creature; the kind of thing that dwells in shadow on the ocean floor, its hideous misshapen body an insult to nature."


So vivid, so beautiful, so easy to picture. My heart went out to both of these young women, but especially to George. I have to wonder what would have happened had things worked out differently. I do know I'll be thinking about both of them for a while. This was my first experience with this author and I hope to read more of his work in the future!


Highly recommended!


*Thanks to Meerkat Press for the digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!*

Devil's Creek by Todd Keisling

Devil's Creek - Todd Keisling


Space 29:




The winner of the poll is Devil's Creek! 

Thanks to everyone who voted! 

Bank: $23.00


Friday Reads 6.5.2020

Devil's Creek - Todd Keisling The Attic Tragedy - J. Ashley-Smith A Collection of Dreamscapes - Christina Sng These Evil Things We Do: The Mick Garris Collection - Mick Garris Caliban's War - James S.A. Corey


Snakes & Ladders-Post the Last!

I finished up Snakes and Ladders today upon completion of:

More Better Deals - Joe R. Lansdale 


Thanks to M.R for setting up the gameplay for us! I had a great time! 


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