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Clowning Around by Chris Kosarich

Clowning  Around - Chris  Kosarich

Clowning Around is a super short story featuring Tricksy the clown. I enjoyed it!


Tricksy makes a deal with two young budding film makers and then...things go wrong.


Even though I found this tale to be a bit predictable, I would love to read more about Tricksy!



You can get your copy here: Clowning Around


*I received a free copy of this short story in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*

Dis Mem Ber by Joyce Carol Oates

DIS MEM BER and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense - Joyce Carol Oates

Dis Mem Ber is an excellent collection of stories previously published elsewhere. The only threads they have in common is that they are all from a woman's point of view, (except for WELCOME TO FRIENDLY SKIES!), and they are all unsettling.


My favorite had to be the first story, DISMEMBER, in which a young girl narrowly escapes what could have been a nasty end.


HEARTBREAK was the story of two sisters, one beautiful and the other, not so much. Sometimes jealousy can get out of hand, before we even realize we are jealous.


I also enjoyed BLUE HERON quite a bit. This is the story of a widow dealing with her grief while trying to avoid her scummy brother-in-law who wants her to sell her lake-house.


Lastly, WELCOME TO FRIENDLY SKIES! had to be one of the funniest stories I've read in years. I'm not going to say anything further about it, as I think it's best to go into it cold.


Overall, this was a satisfying collection of stories from one of the masters of American short fiction. Highly recommended!


You can get your copy here: DIS MEM BER and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense


*Thanks to NetGalley and Mysterious Press for the free e-ARC in exchange for my honest review. This is it!*

Empire Falls by Richard Russo, narrated by Ron McLarty

Empire Falls (MP3 Book) - Richard Russo, Ron McLarty

Empire Falls is not something I would have picked up on my own, but it came to me highly recommended, so I put a hold on the audiobook at my library and it finally came in.


This was a wonderful book and Ron McLarty is an excellent narrator. I can't really add to what hundreds of people have already said, so I'll just say I enjoyed the hell out of this tale where nothing much really happens, but I feel like I know everyone in this town intimately.


Highly recommended!

We want YOU! (not in a creepy way)

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Booklikes-opoly Update!

The Boy on the Bridge - M.R. Carey

My bank stands at a whopping $43.00.


I left off on Start, (for which I read The Halloween Children), so it's finally time for me to roll again!




I'll have to look and see if I have anything that fits that on my TBR. 

Updated, I do! I do have something that fits! My next scheduled read being:


The Boy on the Bridge - M.R. Carey 

which takes place in the UK. Whoohoo!

The Halloween Children by Brian James Freeman and Norman Prentiss

The Halloween Children - Norman Prentiss, Brian James Freeman

 Beautifully conceived and executed, The Halloween Children is a great and spooky read for anytime of year!


Husband and wife- Harris and Lynn, each tell their own story in alternating chapters. Lynn's chapters are addressed privately to her marriage therapist, and they contain a litany of complaints about her spouse and the way he parents their children. Harris' chapters tell the story from his point of view, but well after certain "events" have occurred. What those events are you'll have to read this book to find out.


My favorite type of horror is the kind with lots of suffocating atmosphere and psychological tricks, (Trick or Treat?), and The Halloween Children has both of those things, in spades. Plus, it features two children who get creepier by the second. How could it get any better for a horror fan such as myself? Oh yeah, it could finish off with an ending that actually gave me goosebumps, it was so perfect.


This is THE book to read when you are looking for that creepy kind of thrill, but it's an extra perfect book to read around Halloween. Just be sure you have some candy ready when the door bell rings and the children begin to arrive. They don't like it when they don't get candy and you don't want The Halloween Children to pull their tricks on YOU. Trust me on this.


Highly recommended, especially to fans of atmospheric, psychological horror!


Available for your Kindle on June 13th, here: The Halloween Children


*Thanks to NetGalley and to Hydra for the e-ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. This is it.*

Review Copies Available!

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“A whirlwind of horror!” – Library Journal

“An unsettling piece of work.” – New York Times


Book Description

“If you were to go into your bedroom tonight – perhaps by candlelight – and sit quietly before the large mirror, you might see what I have seen. Sit patiently, looking neither at yourself nor at the glass. You might notice that the image is not yours, but that of an exceptional person who lived at some other time . . .”

The image in the mirror of fourteen-year-old Elizabeth Cuttner is that of the fey and long-dead Frances, who introduces Elizabeth to her chilling world of the supernatural. Through Frances, Elizabeth learns what it is to wield power – power of a kind that is malevolent and seemingly invincible. Power that begins with the killing of her parents . . .




Ascent by Luke Walker

Ascent - Luke Walker


A handful of people are stuck in the hell that has become Greenham Place, after what they think is an explosion that may have ended the outside world. But that's not the worst of it. Something has been unleashed inside this tall office building, and it's after them. Will they survive? You'll have to read Ascent to find out!


Rod, Alex, Simon, Kelly and Dao were all strangers to each other before the explosion. Now, they may be all that's left of humanity. What I liked most about this story was how the characters were each introduced and how they got to know one another. Unfortunately, whatever was released into Greenham Place got to know them too, and it used that knowledge to torture them all.


I thought this story was beautifully told-the author took the time to develop each character and then tailored the horror to each one. Everybody has secrets, whether they be something that happened to them, or something they did to someone else. Now imagine a creature that could use all that and twist it around-using it to insert wedges between people, to make people hallucinate, or even just to guilt them to death-how can you defeat that? Maybe you can't?


I LOVED the ending of this book, but I imagine it might be a problem for some. As an American, in light of our current political problems, and the problems that other...unstable countries present not only to us, but to the world, it was easy for me to fill in the blanks. I think that helped the story become more personal to me and I liked it that much more as a result.


My only complaint was that I thought the term "legging it" was a bit overused, but hey, if this stuff was going down anywhere near me, I would be legging it the hell out of there too.


More of a psychological horror story than anything else, (don't worry-there's plenty of bloody gore to go around too), Ascent was an impressive and imaginative story and I highly recommend it!


You can get your copy here: Ascent

*I was provided an e-ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. This is it.*

The Last Chord by Chris Kosarich

The Last Chord - Chris Kosarich

The Last Chord is a twisted short story featuring the lead guitarist of a band called The Unnamed.


Young Matt Hayden hides in the doorway of a storefront, trying to wait out a rainstorm while keeping his guitar case dry, when he is approached by a man he calls Mister Black. What follows is your typical Faustian deal, but with a few twists.


I enjoyed this tale - it moved quickly, it wasn't totally predictable, and it was fun. I couldn't help myself from picturing Mister Black as Randall Flagg, (I wonder why?), and that's not a bad thing. He was a great bad guy and so is Mr. Black. Though I sometimes wondered if he was even a man at all? You'll have to read The Last Chord and see what I'm talking about for yourself.


I highly recommend this to those of you who like a short narrative followed up by an ending that's like a punch in the gut!


*I was given a free copy of this story in exchange for my honest review. This is it!*

May 2017-Round up!

Boo! - David Haynes The Great Bridge: The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge - David McCullough Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen Black Mad Wheel: A Novel - Josh Malerman Those Across the River - Christopher Buehlman Saffron And Brimstone: Strange Stories - Elizabeth Hand Dare Me - Megan Abbott The Well - Jack Cady, Tom Piccirilli Between Two Fires - Christopher Buehlman Skitter - Ezekiel Boone

In May, I read 15 books! 


Graphic Novels:


The Dark Tower: The Little Sisters of Eluria

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger-The Battle of Tull

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger-The Way Station


Total: 3


Audio Books: 


The Great Bridge: The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge by David McCullough

Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen, narrated by Bruce Springsteen

Those Across the River by Christopher Buehlman

Between Two Fires by Christopher Buehlman

Dare Me by Megan Abbott

The End of Everything by Megan Abbott



Total: 6




Skitter by Ezekiel Boone

Black Mad Wheel by Josh Malerman


Total: 2


Random Books: 


Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse

The Well by Jack Cady

Boo! by David Haynes

Saffron and Brimstone: Strange Stories by Elizabeth Hand


Total: 4


Total Books Read in May: 15


Reading Challenges


Horror Aficionados Mount TBR Challenge: 

(Horror Aficionados Group on Goodreads)

Goal: Read 40 books I already own in 2017


January Count: 1

February Count: 2 

March and April Count: 0

May: 2 (Boo! and The Well)

Running Count: 5


Coolthulhu Crew 2017 Challenge: 

Goal: Read Horror Books!


January Books: 5

February Books: 3 

March Books: 4

April Books: 9

May Books: 6


Running Count: 27



Graphic Novel Challenge:


(Paced Reading Group on GR)

Goal: Read 25 Graphic novels in 2017  


January count: 5

February count: 2

March count: 5

April count: 5

May count: 3

Running count: 20


Keep Calm and Read On!






Sci-Fi and Scary Coolthulhu Crew 2017 Challenge-May Update


I am participating in a Horror Reading Challenge over at the Sci-Fi and Scary blog. You can sign up yourself at the Sci-Fi and Scary Blog here: Sci-Fi and Scary



This month I've read 6 books towards the challenge:


Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse by Jack Strange


The Well by Jack Cady


Skitter by Ezekiel Boone


Those Across the River by Christopher Buehlman


Black Mad Wheel by Josh Malerman


Boo! by David Haynes



May Total: 6

April Total: 9

March Total: 4

February Total: 3

January Total: 5


Total: 27


Booklikes-opoly Update!


I last rolled doubles on the second of my two Memorial Day bonus rolls, and I'm told I can roll again. (Technically, I'm on Paradise Pier 30, but I'm still reading a novel while now visiting jail, planning on donating the pages when I'm done.) I'm rolling again now, just to see if I can find something that fits in a BL spot for my next read.



Which brings me to START. YAY!!! The rules for START say "Read any book!"


Which I will happily do, once I'm done donating back to jail.



Booklikes-opoly Game Play Update

It's Memorial Day weekend and I'm stuck in jail! (I was able to cash in 300 pages due to those of you generous enough to donate!) I'm now just visiting jail and I had planned to stay there until I'm done with the book I'm on-the pages of which I'm going to donate back to the library. Then came the news of the two free rolls!




Which brought me to: 




And then I rolled again:


Which brought me to:



Now I'll be busy trying to figure out what I can read for these squares! 

Between Two Fires by Christopher Buehlman, narrated by Steve West

Between Two Fires - Christopher Buehlman, Steve West


Featuring some of the craziest scenes I've ever read, I don't know how this author has escaped my attentions until recently.


I checked out this audio from my library, immediately after finishing THOSE ACROSS THE RIVER.  I knew nothing about it, except that it was written by Christopher Buehlman. I'm glad that I went into it that way, because otherwise I might have passed on this story altogether.


I feel I should warn people that no religion is free from mockery here, while at the same time, I feel like this is a religious, or at least a spiritual story. Being agnostic, I'm fine with that, but what I enjoyed most were the scenes of extremely imaginative horror-most times coming unexpectedly out of nowhere. I know I will be thinking about those scenes for some time to come.


Highly recommended, especially the audio version, narrated by Steve West. He and this book were both amazing!


*Thanks to my local public library for being awesome.*

Boo! by David Haynes

Boo! - David Haynes


Cue the circus music! Boo! was just plain fun! What horror fan doesn't enjoy a good evil clown story? I know of exactly none. 


A young boy has his smile stolen when a clown murders his parents right in front of him. How that affects him and those around him is the basic plot of this book. Toss in the author of a book called Clownz, a spunky police detective, and a super lovable grehyound, and that basically rounds out our main cast of characters.


Everything moves along, maybe not always completely believable, but that's ok-evil clowns can make up for a lot and these are especially evil. There are some nasty scenes in this book, and man oh man, it's just so darn FUN! (I may have mentioned that before.)


If you're in the mood for some creepy-ass clowns, characters you can relate to, and a fast paced story you can take down in a few settings, Boo! is what you need! Just don't blame me if you wake up in the night, and there's a dark figure in the shadows of your bedroom. You'll just have to hope that Sparkles decides to spare you.


Highly recommended to fans of creepy clowns!


You can scare yourself silly here: Boo!

Booklikes-opoly Game Play Update

I finished Boo! - David Haynes  and at 277 pages, added $3.00 to my bank! 


I'm currently standing at $41.00.



And...that brings me to jail! 


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