Bay's End by Edward Lorn

Bay's End - Edward Lorn

I read this book with my horror group over at Goodreads. I've owned the book for quite a while and was excited to finally read it.  Luckily my excitement was not unfounded!


Bay's End is a small town. Horror fans everywhere know of towns just like this. But in this case, the evil lies entirely within the town's inhabitants and not the town itself. There are monsters here, for sure, but they are ALL human, with the exception of Romo- a particularly nasty dog.  


In the end, this is a coming of age tale with horrific elements. More horrific than most coming of age stories. And when I say horrific, I mean truly horrific...this is no Scooby Doo episode where the monster is unmasked and found to be the elderly grump down the road, muttering about those meddling kids. In fact, there are two scenes that are going to remain vividly in my memory for a long time to come. I'm not going to relish that. I think this story took a lot of balls to write. That's probably not the proper way to phrase it, but there it is. I think most authors, including horror authors, would have shied away from such shocking scenes, but not Ed Lorn. He dove right into it and took an unflinching look, forcing the reader to look as well.


There was some hope in this story and good thing too, because it's a dark, dark tale. So considered yourself warned. Do you have the guts to read Bay's End and face these horrors yourself? Go ahead. I dare you.


Recommended for horror lovers with strong stomachs!