Placeholders by John Little

Placeholders - John R. Little

This is the third or fourth story I've read from John Little and I've enjoyed them all. 


This tale is a novelette so it didn't take long to read. But even in this short piece Mr. Little's skill as an author shines through. Like his other stories, this one is a bit strange, and time again plays a part. In his previous works time seems to be a character in and of itself, while in this book it's more like a part of the setting . Imagine yourself waking up again and again in different places, time periods and bodies, only to die. If you can, then you're starting to get a feel for this story. 


This is a short tale with a lot to think about within its brief pages. I recommend it to fans of dark fiction that like to turn a story over in their minds for a while and look at it from different angles. That's exactly what I'm going to do now.