Dark Discoveries-Issue #28

Dark Discoveries-Issue #28 - Kevin J. Anderson

I won this magazine through the Goodreads First Reads giveaway program.


I will admit that I don't have much experience with the dark fiction/horror magazines of today. When I was younger, I did love mags like Fangoria and Weird Tales, so when I saw this issue was up for a giveaway I immediately entered. I was totally psyched to have won!


This collection was a nice mix of short stories, interviews, features and reviews. Regarding the short stories, I liked every single one of them. Graham Masterton, Kevin J. Anderson, Gene O'Neill, Harry Shannon, Brett Talley and Tim Waggoner all had contributions here. Kevin Anderson and Gene O'Neill are both completely new to me and since I enjoyed their stories so much I will be seeking out more of their work. Of all of these stories though, I think I enjoyed Tim Waggoner's story the most. "The Talking Dead" KICKED ASS-wildly imaginative and unapologetic-I loved it!


Of the non fiction portions, which consisted mostly of interviews, I enjoyed the one with Jeffrey Combs the most. (Interviewed mostly because of his roles in various movies like Re-Animator, I enjoyed it and him from his role on Deep Space Nine.) The non fiction section also included some reviews which I also enjoyed, most especially those from Josh Black.


Overall this was an awesome issue that I very much enjoyed. Recommended to fans of horror short stories!