Oasis of the Damned by Greg Gifune

Oasis of the Damned - Greg F. Gifune


I love Greg Gifune’s work and this novella was no exception!


A helicopter crashes in the desert and the pilot, Heather, survives. In what seems to be an incredible piece of luck she encounters another crash survivor named Owens, who takes her to an oasis and she believes she’s saved. She’s wrong.


As the story played out, the reader learned more about Heather, her experiences as an Army captain in Iraq, and her experiences back at home. There isn’t much time for her to stroll down memory lane though, because the night is coming and there are things in the night. It turns out that there are worse things than dying from a helicopter crash in the desert. Much, much worse.


I loved the feel of this novella. To me it almost felt as if it took place on another planet. I guess the Sahara desert might as well be another planet; no one is going to come along and help you.


This was a quick read that was creepy and intense. I think if it were much longer a lot of that tension would have been lost. Greg Gifune is the master of atmosphere and in this tale he again proves the truth of that statement. If you have an hour to spare and this premise sounds interesting to you, you should check out this novella. Find out what those things are, if you dare.


Highly recommended to fans of dark fiction, horror and creature features!


I received from Net Galley an advanced review copy of this book to review honestly and that it what I have done.