2015 Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Releases - Part 1

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I'm so excited for these, especially the Stephen Gregory books! Whoohoo!



Here's a sneak shriek at a few of our 2015 releases! These are the covers from earlier editions.


Michael Blumlein - THE BRAINS OF RATS (1989), into by Michael McDowell


Charles Beaumont - A TOUCH OF THE CREATURE (2000)


David Case - FENGRIFFEN AND OTHER STORIES, a collection of Case’s Gothic stories, edited by Stephen Jones and AMONG THE WOLVES AND OTHER WEREWOLF STORIES, also edited by Stephen Jones


Stephen Gregory - THE WOODWITCH (1988), intro by Paul Tremblay, and THE BLOOD OF ANGELS (1994), intro by Mark Morris


Fred Hoyle - THE BLACK CLOUD (1957), intro by Geoffrey Hoyle