2015 Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Releases - Part 3

Reblogged from Valancourt Books:

More horror goodness! I loved The Delicate Dependency by Michael Talbot which I read earlier this year. I'm looking forward to reading these two new (old) releases. 2015 is going to be a great reading year!


I love looking at these horror covers from back in the day.  They remind me of being a teenager in the late 70's to early mid 80's and all the fun the horror genre was back then.


Here's the next set of our 2015 title releases! Check out these great vintage covers.



Michael Talbot - THE BOG (1986) and NIGHT THINGS (1988)


Robert Westall - ANTIQUE DUST (1989), with an introduction by Orrin Grey


Bernard Taylor’s first three novels: THE GODSEND (1976) with an introduction by Silvia Moreno-Garcia — SWEETHEART, SWEETHEART (1977), with an introduction by Michael Rowe — THE MOORSTONE SICKNESS (1982), with an introduction by Mark Morris


Stay tuned for part 4….