Clickers by J.F. Gonzalez

Clickers - J.F. Gonzalez, Mark Williams

I do not like the cover of this book, ( I mean, really? What is going on there?), but I love the insides so far!


I was in the mood for some creature features this month,  (I also have Toxic Behemoth lined up),  so I decided to join in the group read in HA over at Goodreads. They decided to have a group read in his honor, since Mr. Gonzalez recently passed away.


Anyway, this book is freaking me out. It's a crazy B movie type of a story with all that that entails. It's funny, sort of cheesy, scary and and fun. Last night, I told my husband a little about it and he says to me "Hey, look up a coconut crab." So I did. That brought this book to life for me, even more than it already was.


So yeah, these things exist. Think about that for a while, and sweet dreams tonight!