Ratman's Notebooks: Reading progress update: I've read 12%.

Ratman's Notebooks - Stephen Gilbert, Kim Newman

So, yeah. I opened this book on my Kindle last night just to check it out, you know-like we readers sometimes do, and I was HOOKED!


First off, this is the book on which the movie Willard was based. I don't remember much of that movie, but I know it scared me and that I thought the premise was cool.


Second-the fact that both the guys from Valancourt Books LOVED this book, ( and they both have excellent taste), really excited me about reading it. (You can read more about their feelings about this book here in my interview with them at Horror After Dark.)


Third, I love tales told in the epistolary form. (Where the story is told via diary entries, letters and the like. Dracula was a good story related in this way.)


Fourth, the introduction written by Kim Newman. I love most of what I've read from Kim Newman, (Anno Dracula!), and this intro was no exception. I generally make it a rule to skip the intro until I finish the book, but this one was not spoiler-y. Instead, it talked about the influence this book held over the horror industry-in both movies and in print. I wouldn't have given this book much credit until I read about what it inspired in others.


In short, (too late!), I know that I owe some reviews this month, and I WILL get to them, but please forgive me for taking this short detour. I couldn't help myself.