Clickers by J.F. Gonzalez

Clickers - J.F. Gonzalez,  Mark Williams

This was more than your every day creature feature! Sure it started off with big crabs, but then it evolved into something else entirely.


I loved the Lovecraftian feel of the "something else" portions. They were unexpected and fun, and they raised this book from plain B movie cheese to something more long lasting and memorable.



A lot of times these types of stories have the ending where humans conquer all and live happily ever after relating their tale of horror to their grandchildren. Well, not this time. I absolutely loved the ending! I didn't expect it and this was another thing that made this book special.


The only bad thing I have to say about this book, is man...I don't like the cover AT ALL. 


To sum up, I had a great time with this story. I regret having waited until this author passed away before taking up his work. Now that I have tried it out and enjoyed it, I will seek out more , starting with Clickers II. RIP, Mr. Gonzalez. RIP.