Net Galley Question For You Booklikers?


I'm still relatively new to Net Galley, and believe me,  I'm already finding out how fast I can get myself into trouble over there!


Anyway, here is the question...I have 10 approved books and have given feedback on 7 of them.


The 3 I have yet to give feedback for are not going to be archived and/or released until March or April of 2015. Can I take my time with these, or will I get in trouble somehow? Will it slow down getting approvals on future requests?




(I try to only request books I really want to read, and so far I have been doing just that. It's the fact that sometimes the publishers take 3 weeks to approve books and during that time, I already put together a reading plan for the next month or two.)


I guess that's two questions! Booklikers on Net Galley, what say you?