2015 Releases - Literary Classics - Part 3

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Valancourt Books doing what they do best-rescuing books from obscurity. -Char



Here’s part 3 of the forthcoming title releases in our Literary Classics catalogue. We are restoring the Sea of Glass cover to use for our edition and we're having a new cover designed for Kestrel.



Dennis Parry - SEA OF GLASS (1955), with an introduction by Mark Valentine — This book is beyond obscure, and indeed would have been totally lost in oblivion if not for macabre illustrator Edward Gorey, who during the 1970s named it the most neglected book he knew.  Gorey’s recommendation was reprinted in a book called Writers’ Choice, where we discovered it and were inspired to track down the book.


Barry Hines - A KESTREL FOR A KNAVE (1968) — never before released in the U.S., this classic tale of boyhood was made into the the 1969 film Kes.