Another Failure...Or is it?


My reading goal for 2014 was 140 books. Even though my Booklikes challenge here shows that I met it, I really did not. Of the various book sites on which I participate, Goodreads has the most accurate count of books I own and have read. Here's what it says about me this year:


Books Read: 131 (This includes NO short stories, unless in a collection, and only collections that are completed have been counted.)


Pages Read: 25,881. (Last year I read 31,634.)



My most read authors are:


Stephen King-I've read 62 of his books total.

Robert McCammon -I've read 26.

Kealan Patrick Burke-I've read 19.

Greg Gifune-I've read 17.

F. Paul Wilson-15.

Dan Simmons-14.

Jeffrey Deaver -14.

Lee Thompson-12.

John Connolly-12.

Peter Straub-11