Want him?

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Easy.   This contest will run for two weeks.   Comment here with a book you think I'll like.   Open to people I know, don't know, whatever.   Open to US residents, or a US address at least - because Primus, international shipping is hellacious.   


So here's the nitty gritty.   I crave new books like my body craves air.   For those who don't know me - or don't know me well - I also crave robots like my body craves air, AI and cyborgs (with smooth metal junk), and y'know... metal.   Smart, autonomous metal.   Yummy!   Robots and AI in the books will definitely increase the chances of winning (especially if they don't end up dead).  I will pick the favorite book - and make it my next read - and you guys win Daryl on his chopper.    And you guys can enter as many times as you want with new book titles.   (If there are multiples of one book, whoever got it first wins.)


So, have a book you think I'll like?   Let me know here.   Two Thursdays from now, I'll go over the books a final time and pick a winner.