Clickers II: The Next Wave by J.F. Gonzalez and Brian Keene

Clickers II: The Next Wave - J.F. Gonzalez, Brian Keene

 After reading the original Clickers last month with some friends from the Horror Aficionados group over at Goodreads, many of us decided we wanted to continue on to read the sequel. This one featured Brian Keene as co-author rather than Mark Williams.


While I enjoyed the creature feature aspects of this story, (which I think were actually better than in the original Clickers), I did not enjoy the involvement of politics and religion.


When I'm reading what I think of as a B-movie type book, I want action! I want scrappy, brave characters running all over the place, trying to survive! I want bloody, messy kills! All of this can be found in this tale, true, but layering politics and religion over it took away some of the enjoyment for me. I couldn't help but feel that this book was trying to make a statement, and I generally don't like statements in my creature feature reading, other than general environmental ones, which are par for the course in this sub-genre.


Overall, this book was fun and even well written, but I didn't enjoy these serious subjects lumped on top of my Clickers and Dark Ones.