Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Yes Please - Amy Poehler

I was so excited when this audiobook came in at the library! To be honest, I'm more of  a Tina Fey fan than an Amy Poehler one, but I figured I would give this a listen anyway and I'm glad I did!


 I learned that Amy grew up no more than an hour or so away from me, and she can pahk her cah with a Boston accent as much as she likes. I was surprised to learn she's from my state because her accent is usually so disguised. I learned that she's a HUGE fan of Carol Burnett, (who among other celebs like Kathleen Turner and Patrick Stewart voiced some portions of this book), that she's done some drugs, and some other small tidbits about the shows SNL and Parks and Rec.


This is the first autobiography that I've listened to and I enjoyed it a lot. I found it much easier to listen when the narrator is talking to ME rather than relating a story. For whatever reason, my mind wandered less and I don't believe I ever had to "rewind" this at all.


In summary, I loved this audiobook. I found it to be both fun and informative and I like Amy Poehler much more than I did when I started. She's an impressive lady. Recommended!