The PigeonHole and Stephen Gregory

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The Pigeonhole


So, there's this website/publisher called The Pigeonhole and they are publishing Stephen Gregory's new book Plague of Gulls.


Anyone that has followed me for any length of time knows how I feel about Stephen Gregory, so when I heard he had a new book out I was all over it. Well, it turns out that the book is not out, exactly. The first 25% of it is out. Let me explain.


The Pigeonhole has the intriguing idea of serializing the novel, but that's not all. Once you sign up you can begin reading in a variety of ways. If you choose not to continue you can quit and they will charge you only for the portions you received. (This was one thing which convinced me to try it out.)


It seems to be very affordable. Stephen Gregory's new book, which is a novella from what I understand,  is .85 (US dollars) per stave, which is what they call the 25% nugget that they release each week.  (This was the second thing which convinced me to try it out.)


Lastly, there is no other way to get this book as far as I can tell. It has no ISBN or ASIN that I can find. It's not listed here, it's not listed at Goodreads. It's not listed anywhere but at The Pigeonhole. (Which was the third thing which convinced me to try it out.)


There are also a couple of site features that unlock as each stave is delivered. I'm not quite sure what all that's about yet, but I will be back to talk about it.


Among the ways to get each stave is an option to download it to your PC and then send it to your Kindle. That's the option I chose and I will be doing that tonight. Once I check it out, I will post both about The Pigeonhole service and about the book.


Wish me luck as I head off to try a new reading venture!