Plague of Gulls by Stephen Gregory


I spoke about this new service provided by The Pigeonhole on Friday. Today I'm back to share how it went.


Friday when I got home, I downloaded the first stave and sent it to my Kindle. A stave is the portion of the book that is released each week. There are four staves for this book. 


I sat down with Plague of Gulls Friday night, as soon as we returned home from dinner and I didn't put it down until I was done. I absolutely loved it! But now I have to wait to read the next stave. 


While waiting, I checked out The Pigeonhole's website. There are portions of it that do not open up until a certain stave is released. I think this is a neat idea. I checked out the one that opened with the first stave and discovered a nice bio written by Mr. Gregory himself and there's even a picture! (I couldn't find out much about Mr. Gregory prior to this, so I was tickled to finally learn more about him.) 


There is also a discussion board where people can meet up and talk about the book. A few of my reading friends signed up, ( it was cool to see you, Paul, Addy and Kate!), so that was kind of fun. 


Overall, this Pigeonhole experiment is going well so far! I am not fond of waiting to read the rest of the book, (because if I had the book in my hands, I would probably be done by now.) Despite that, I find the website to be super cool. 


Right now, there is no cover that I can share with you, nor can I place it on my currently reading shelf. The most I can do is copy the art from the website over here, so here it is.