Horror Blogs!

I have a friend that reviews for Ginger Nuts of Horror and he just started his own blog: Confessions of a Reviewer. I thought I would share his blog and well as some horror blogs of my friends here at Booklikes.


My friend, Nev, as mentioned above can be found here.




My friend Jon has the most comprehensive knowledge of horror literature and its history than anyone I've ever met, in real life or online. You can read his thoughts and see what he's reading here-Reclusive Reads.



My friend, Scot, is just starting his blog here at Booklikes. I sometimes find myself engulfed by his excitement over finding a new author, or reading a great book. You can find his blog here: Reaper's Harvest Horror




Lastly, my friend Kate over at Kitty Horror always has interesting things to say and I love to browse around on her shelves. You can find her here.




Why not give these blogs a go if you're a horror lover? And if you have any horror blogs that you follow, I would love to hear about them!