Plague of Gulls-Stave II by Stephen Gregory


I wrote a blog post previously about Stephen Gregory's new book, Plague of Gulls, and its unique release from The Pigeonhole.


Today I'm writing about the release of the second portion of the book, (Stave II). I downloaded it yesterday and sent it to my Kindle and started it last night. So far, this book is killer, as is the case with every Stephen Gregory book I've read.


I also previously mentioned that on The Pigeonhole's website, there are blocks that open up with the release of each stave. The first block was a comprehensive bio written by Mr. Gregory, as well as a picture of him. Yesterday, the second block became available and there I found a nice playlist of music that relates to the book. Mostly bird and gull related songs, but also music loosely associated with characters in the book. Regardless of whether or not I like the songs, the idea is pretty freaking creative and I like it.


The book has been added at Goodreads with cover art. But there is still no ASIN or ISBN to bring it up here, so I've copied the cover below.


I will pop back and update next week when Stave III is released. Happy reading!