Jack of Spades by Joyce Carol Oates

Jack of Spades: A Tale of Suspense - Joyce Carol Oates

This book's page count is listed as 208, but it felt much shorter than that to me. This mystery/thriller/psychological story flies by, while the reader is always wondering what the hell is going on?


Andrew Rush is a mystery/thriller novelist and quite a successful one at that. He also writes under the pseudonym "Jack of Spades". Jack writes very different books than Mr. Rush. Jack's books are gory and avoided by the literati, while Andrew is celebrated as the "Gentlemen's Stephen King."


Things begin to go sideways when Andrew is summoned to court by a woman who claims he robbed her house and stole her works in progress-her writing. She's calling him out in public as a plagiarist and he cannot stand for it.


Enough rehashing of the plot. This book constantly left me guessing. I couldn't pluck out even one thread and follow it to a logical conclusion. I could only hang on and enjoy the ride, and that? That I did because it was one hell of a ride!


In the past, the work of Joyce Carol Oates been hit or miss with me. I'm happy to report this book was a major hit. Fast paced, always leaving the reader guessing with major plot twists-this book was a delicious treat.


Highly recommended for fans of fast paced mysteries and thrillers, and also to fans of psychological tales with a dash of the horrific.


*A free ecopy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review. This is it.*