Plague of Seagulls by Stephen Gregory-Stave III


On Wednesday the third portion (or stave) of Plague of Gulls by Stephen Gregory was released. I thought this was the best stave yet!


I'm very much enjoying the story and this stave added another couple of levels to the unease that I've been feeling.

With this stave, another section of the website at The Pigeonhole went live. This was a strange one which seems to have been written by a pigeon, and it's about seagulls. There is also a short video with some crazy-ass seagulls flying around.


I was so pleased with this stave, I was not really interested in the short piece and video.

I went to the discussion board to talk about it, but there isn't much action there yet. Perhaps this will change with future book releases? Anyway, so far so good with this experiment in reading!