Plague of Gulls by Stephen Gregory-Stave IV

Yesterday the fourth and final stave of Plague of Gulls was released. Unfortunately, I was so tired I didn't get to read it until today. I finished the book just now, and I'm a little stunned. So much happened in the last two staves of this book, it was crazy! I never saw any of it coming and I love when that happens. Now, I can add this book to my list of favorites, which already includes a couple of Mr. Gregory's books.



This reading experiment by The Pigeonhole was a big success as far as I'm concerned. Delayed gratification is sometimes difficult and it was hard to wait for each stave to be released. If I had my druthers, I would have sat my butt down and read this story all in one sitting. I will admit though, that the waiting increased my anticipation and whetted my appetite.


As I mentioned in previous posts, certain parts of the website become available as staves are released. This time it was a story from a young woman that was attacked by a gull trying to get her pasties. (Apparently, this is a food from across the pond that looks like a Hot Pocket, not the items that women wear, as it means here.) I've also previously mentioned that there is a discussion board there. This past week, Mr. Gregory himself showed up and I thought that was super cool.


All that's left in this experiment is to see how The Pigeonhole charges for the book. (It was very inexpensive, at only .85 USD for each stave, and there is no charge until you've received all 4 staves. However, you do have to give a credit card number to subscribe.) I can't see anything going wrong with that-it's all very straightforward .


I'm looking forward to doing this again in the future, depending on the books and/or authors available. It was a lot of fun, made even more pleasurable by the fact that the book was superb. Thanks to The Pigeonhole and to Mr. Gregory for the opportunity to experience something new in the world of reading.