Dark Screams: Volume Two

Dark Screams: Volume Two - Robert R. Mccammon, Richard Matheson, Brian James Freeman, Richard Chizmar

When this book came up for review at Net Galley I jumped on it, because I enjoyed the first volume so much. Unfortunately, I didn't find this volume to be as good as the first.


My favorite story of the bunch is BY FAR, The Deep End by Robert McCammon. Not just because he's one of my favorite authors, but because the story ROCKED. 5*


Unfortunately, most of the rest of the stories just didn't resonate with me.


Interval by Norman Prentiss should have made an impression on me, considering what's gone on in the world over the last 6 months, but sadly, it did not. 3*


If These Walls Could Talk by Shawntelle Madison I did enjoy this story, it's probably my second favorite. The way in which the story was told was a little bit scattered, but I enjoyed the way it developed. 4*


The Night Hider by Graham Masterton. I would have been fine with it still hiding. 2*


Whatever by Richard Christian Matheson. I kind of liked this one, but it was told in such a disjointed manner that I got confused and then I was just like...whatever. 3*


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*I received a free e-ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This is it.*