Follow Fridays!


Last week Leonard Nimoy died and I was so sad, I did not run a Follow Friday. But I'm back and this is what I have for you this week!


My friend (and fellow Horror After Dark team member), Bark reviews all kinds of stuff, horror and romance related. She's funny and I like her posts. Maybe you will too.


Bark's Book Nonsense



My friend Moonlight Reader, who I have known online for a while now. She reads all kinds of books and she reads a LOT.  No horror to be found here, but excellent reviews and intelligent posts are the highlights of her blog.


Moonlight Reader



Lastly, my friend, (and an author), Gregor Xane. Lately he's been on a kick of posting goat pics. It might have something to do with his upcoming book. Though with him you never know what he might be up to.


Gregor Xane