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We found out last week that we have been approved for distribution worldwide on our three upcoming Bernard Taylor books! We have the first two covers ready and a third on its way. The Godsend is up for pre-order (in the US) with a worldwide release date of April 14th.



THE GODSEND (1976) with an introduction by horror editor Mary Danby


lan and Kate Marlowe are a typical, loving, middle-class couple, with four small children. But they wish they had just one more, a beautiful baby daughter. So when a strange young woman abandons her infant at their house, they view it as a blessing—a godsend—and adopt little Bonnie as their own.

But not long after Bonnie’s arrival, terrible things begin to happen to the Marlowes, starting with the death of their son Matthew. As the tragedies mount, Alan suspects that Bonnie is somehow responsible. Is he losing his grip on sanity? After all, surely this angelic child could not be responsible for such horrors . . . ?

The classic first novel by Bernard Taylor, The Godsend (1976) earned widespread critical acclaim on its initial publication and was the basis for a 1980 film. This edition features a new introduction by Mary Danby. Taylor’s chilling novels Sweetheart, Sweetheart and The Moorstone Sickness are also available from Valancourt.



THE MOORSTONE SICKNESS (1982) with a new introduction by Mark Morris


After the death of their infant son, Hal and Rowan Graham decide to leave the mad bustle of London and move to a quiet country refuge. And the rustic village of Moorstone seems perfect. Too perfect . . . ? Lying beneath a hill capped by an enormous stone, Moorstone hides mysterious secrets. Why does such a small town need such a large insane asylum? Why do the village’s elderly residents leave everything they own to young newcomers they barely know? And why is everyone so friendly, so handsome, and so preoccupied with Hal and Rowan’s health?

Before the Grahams can piece the insidious puzzle together, they are plunged into a spiralling terror of ancient mysteries reborn, people who are not quite what they seem, and a village that is quaint, charming – and deadly!

When it comes to spine-chilling tales of quiet horror, no one surpasses Bernard Taylor, the bestselling author of the classic novels The Godsend and Sweetheart, Sweetheart. This edition of The Moorstone Sickness (1982) features a new introduction by Mark Morris.