Dead Roses Five Dark Tales of Twisted Love

Dead Roses: Five Dark Tales of Twisted Love - Jason Parent, Evans Light, Gregor Xane, Adam   Light, Edward Lorn, Mike Tenebrae

Love is the theme that ties all of these stories together. These authors have worked together in the past, so I expected great things from this collection, and I wasn't disappointed. 


Eleanor by Jason Parent A quick story about a priest and his charge. 3.5*


Love Lies In Eyes by Evans Light Is there only one woman in the world and does she peer out through the eyes of every woman? Read this and find out. 4*


Panacea by Adam Light Sort of a "be careful what you wish for" type of story. This was tied for my favorite in this collection. 4.5*


Cinder Block by Edward Lorn This was a standard horror tale, that didn't knock my socks off, but it was okay. 3*


Loving the Goat by Gregor Xane This story was messed up. Seriously MESSED UP. From the title, you can probably guess where this tale went. Yeah. There. 4.5* 


Overall, I thought this was an above average collection. In the interest of honesty, I admit that I am acquainted online with all of these authors. However, this has not affected my review in any way, it is my honest opinion of this book. You should check it out!


Recommended for fans of horror shorts! Or pants. Or goats, even.