Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (Audio Review)

Gone Girl (Audible Audio) - Gillian Flynn

Well, color me a Flynn fan because I'm impressed!


This insane story of a missing wife and her cheating husband was killer. The audio book was narrated by Julia Whelan as Amy Elliott Dunn and Kirby Heyborne as Nick Dunn. Their performances were beyond excellent.


With alternating chapters between Nick and Amy, this twisted mystery sucks the listener in and all they can do is hold on tight. There were so many turns I don't even know what else to say. Normally a book like this would irritate me because it makes me think that the author is trying too hard to be clever. Not here. This story flowed so naturally, every time another twist happened I had all I could do to pick my jaw up off the floor. 


I'm always reluctant to jump on bandwagons but in this case, I regret that I waited so long to check out the work of Gillian Flynn. I will soon be checking out more of her books, but I doubt anything could be as impressive as Gone Girl.


My highest recommendation!


*A HUGE thanks goes out to Edward Lorn who generously decided to gift some credits to Audible, with which I purchased this audiobook. Ed, you rule!*