The Quarantined City: The Smell of Paprika by James Everington

The Quarantined City: The Smell of Paprika - James Everington

I am in the midst of battling a reading slump. Usually short stories get me out of it, and since I still don't feel like starting a novel, (or can't find one that I want to start), I thought I would continue with the short story plan. This isn't a short story, instead it's the first installment of a serial novel. Close enough.


So far? I have no idea what's going on here. There's some sort of a quarantine. There's new and old money. There's a man obsessed with finding the writings of another man. I think I spotted a cute nod to James's collection The Other Room. That's all I can tease out so far.


James Everington is an author I've read and enjoyed in the past, which is why I decided to give this serial a try. I did like this first installment; the writing was good and the story interesting. If it were a different author, I might have only rated this a 3, since there's not much to go on so far. But because it's James, because I liked that cute nod to The Other Room, and because I'm just plain intrigued, I'm going to go ahead and give this 4 stars.


I look forward to seeing what the second installment holds in store.