The Godsend by Bernard Taylor

The Godsend - Mary Danby, Bernard Taylor

 I'm a lover of stories about evil children- I can't help myself. I'm happy to report that I loved this story too.


Alan and Kate have four children already when they meet a mysterious pregnant woman in the park. In a strange series of events, the woman ends up birthing her child in Alan and Kate's house and the story begins.


From there the atmosphere and tension continuously builds, always leaving the reader guessing. Always leaving the reader wondering at the truth. This story was skillfully told-you can feel the emotions of the parents as incidents continue to occur-and at times you want to hug them and at others you just want to shake some sense into them!


Then came that one sentence: "And Bonnie knew that I knew." A chilling shot of adrenaline went through me as I read it-I actually trembled a little bit.

(show spoiler)

It was delicious! 


To summarize, this book was a roaring good time, especially for those of you that grew up with movies and books like The Omen or The Bad Seed. If you like that type of story, you should pick up this novel. It's fast paced, atmospheric, suspenseful and just plain fun!


Highly recommended!