Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer, Narrated by Carolyn McCormick

Annihilation: Southern Reach Trilogy, Book 1 - Jeff VanderMeer, Carolyn McCormick

I thought this was a decent, intriguing story.


There wasn't much dialogue between characters and there wasn't much explanation of what was going on. All of which was fine with me. What was not fine was the narrator. 


At first I was excited to find out that the narrator was Carolyn McCormick. Some of you may recognize the name, as I did, from her role as Dr. Olivet on the original Law & Order. I loved her character on the show and I remembered her distinctive voice, so I thought this would be great. Unfortunately, I have to say that I did not enjoy her narration. At all. In fact, I loathed it. (And read loathed in a John Houseman type voice, I LOATHED it.)


I am interested in what happens next in this series, however, if Carolyn McCormick narrates them, I will be reading them for myself instead. I may not get to them as quickly as I would if they were audiobooks, but I'm pretty sure I will find them much more enjoyable that way.


For whatever it's worth, I recommend the story, but I do not recommend the audiobook.