Infested by Mark Faulkner

Infested - Mark R. Faulkner

This tale starts off all calm and collected with a nice canoe trip down the river. Everything is cool until the narrator starts to wonder...something spoilery...and the reader does a double take.


I enjoyed the manner in which this story was related. The reader starts off thinking this man is some type of nature photographer or something and then with that sentence, everything changes. Then, everything changes yet again.


I don't like spiders. I don't like them at all. Let me be more specific....I'm okay with small spiders and I'm okay with Daddy Long-leg type spiders. I am NOT okay with big spiders that have hair on them. *shudder*


Now that we have that straight, I thought I would be okay with this novella because the spiders featured are sort of small. Alright, I can deal with that, I thought. But then, the size of the spider doesn't really matter that much when we start talking numbers in the millions, or billions, does it?


To summarize, this short novella was fun, took off in unexpected directions, and it surprised me. I also thought the quality of the writing was rather good. So, Bravo! to Mr. Faulkner. I will be seeking out more of his work in the future. 


Recommended for fans of creature features and good writing!