The Intruder (1959) by Charles Beaumont

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Now up for order: THE INTRUDER (1959) by the brilliant Charles Beaumont (best known for his scripts for The Twilight Zone). In this suspenseful novel, handsome and smooth-talking Adam Cramer has just arrived in the small town of Caxton, where tensions are running high over court-ordered racial integration of the public schools. Cramer begins to stoke the flames of racial prejudice, with violent and deadly results: but who is he really, and what is the sinister truth behind his actual agenda? Features a new introduction by film legend Roger Corman, who directed the movie adaptation starring William Shatner, and the original jacket art by Ronald Clyne.



Book Description


The Supreme Court has ordered an end to racially segregated schools, and folks in the predominantly white Southern town of Caxton are prepared grudgingly to comply with the ruling. But when Adam Cramer, a handsome and smooth-talking young man, arrives in town and begins to make incendiary speeches and stoke the flames of racial prejudice, the situation quickly turns deadly. Who is Cramer, and what is the sinister truth behind his real agenda? As tensions build and violence flares, it all leads to an explosive and surprising conclusion!

As compelling and relevant today as when first published, Charles Beaumont’s The Intruder (1959) has lost none of its power to shock, and modern readers will find Cramer’s bigoted rhetoric eerily familiar in light of today’s civil rights debates. Beaumont (1929-1967), better known for his Twilight Zone scripts and his weird and brilliant short fiction, earned widespread acclaim for this novel, which was adapted for a controversial 1962 film by director Roger Corman, who contributes a new introduction to this edition.


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