Dark Places by Gillian Flynn-Audio Version

Dark Places: A Novel - Rebecca Lowman, Mark Deakins, Gillian Flynn, Cassandra Campbell, Robertson Dean

I enjoyed this dark, messed up novel! 


Gone Girl was my first Gillian Flynn read. I listened to that one on audio as well and I enjoyed how there were two narrators and the chapters alternated between them.


I put a reserve in at the library for this one and was interested to see that this audio book had 4 narrators- I expected to be pleased with the outcome-and I was.


Libby Day, the sole surviving member of the Day family, (except for Ben Day, currently incarcerated for the crime), is not very likable. Despite that, I did like her. In spite of her attitude, her kleptomania, her snarky inner thoughts and verbal comments, I liked her. She's a tough shit. It takes a lot to survive the slaughter of your family and if anything, Libby is a survivor.


The book follows Libby as she finally gathers the courage to discover whether or not her brother Ben perpetrated this horrible crime. She's a complex character and she develops even more throughout this story.


Overall, this book was an excellent, suspenseful, mystery. The reason that I gave it four stars instead of five was due to the ending. There was one portion that was a little over the top as far as being realistic to me-I just couldn't believe it. It didn't ruin the story for me or anything, I just thought it was a bit...too much.


Other than that, I highly recommend this book, (especially the audio-the narrators were all fantastic), to fans of thrillers and mysteries.