Sweetheart Sweetheart by Bernard Taylor, intro by Michael Rowe!

Sweetheart, Sweetheart - Bernard Taylor, Michael Rowe

This book came in this morning from Valancourt Books! How excited am I? So excited I can hardly stand it! 




First off, look at the super cool cover-it's so enticing and scary all at once. 


Second, it has an introduction from Michael Rowe. I've read two books written by Michael-Enter, Night and Wild Fell, (click to see my reviews), and I loved them both. I love Mr. Rowe's writing and I can't wait to read what he has to say about this book.


Third-this is a ghost story. I will soon be moving into a new house-now I ask you...what better type of story could you be reading when moving than a ghost story?


I have to finish the book that I'm currently reading, (that's called self-control, something which I do not normally have when it comes to books), but trust me man, as soon as I'm done with it,  I'm all over this one like flies on well...you know.