This House is Haunted by John Boyne, narrated by Alison Larkin

This House Is Haunted - John Boyne, Alison Larkin

This was a haunted house story so Dickensian in style, Dickens himself is a catalyst within. I listened to the audio version, narrated by Alison Larkin.


I enjoyed this story of Eliza Caine attempting to fulfill her position as governess to two children, in a house almost falling down due to disrepair. How she got there and her attempt to keep the children safe I will leave for you to discover.


I liked the style of the storytelling and I enjoyed the character of Eliza, though at times she seemed too wily and too naive-both at once. Where the story lost me was at the very end, which is usually where these types of books fall apart, in my opinion. In this case I didn't mind it because I enjoyed the journey towards the end so much.


The narrator, Alison Larkin, is new to me, but I loved her performance! She brought the characters alive and I will actively seek out more of her audio narrations in the future.


Overall, this was a decent haunted house story and I recommend it to fans of such.