Top Ten Tuesday ( #toptentuesday)


I'm not one for bandwagons but this week's top ten looks fun. My top ten authors read are:


1.   The King (Stephen, that is) at 63.  

2.  Robert McCammon at 27. (This comes as NO surprise to anyone that's known me for 5 minutes or more.)  

3.  Kealan Patrick Burke at 19.  (I admit I have a fangrrl thing going on for this author.) 


4.  Greg Gifune also at 19. (An excellent author and a good man.)


5.  Tim Curran at 18. (Dead Sea is one of the group reads in the Horror Aficionados group at Goodreads. I'm enjoying seeing people react to it.)  


6.  F. Paul Wilson at 15. I love me some Repairman Jack. 


7.  Dan Simmons at 14. From my discovery of Hyperion as a teenager, I've followed this man. 

8. Jeffrey Deaver also at 14. I'm behind on the Lincoln Rhyme series.  


9. John Connolly at 13. I love me some Irish authors. 


***There's a three way tie for the tenth spot. I'm listing all three. ***


10. James Everington at 12. Which seems too high, but there it is. This is an author I discovered a few years ago and I think he's going places. 


10.  Peter Straub at 12. Which seems too low, but there it is. Ghost Story was my favorite book for a long, long time. 



10. Lee Thompson at 12. I felt gut punched by his novella "When We Join Jesus in Hell". We got to talking over at Goodreads and have since become friends and I beta read for him from time to time.