Those of My Kind by Jennifer Loring

Those of My Kind - Jennifer Loring


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I hope that there will be a sequel to this book, I enjoyed it that much!


This is a tale of strong women that have been abused, raped, beaten, totally ignored and who knows what else. Two of these women, almost girls really, become Hunters and the other a monster of epic proportions and, of course, there is an epic battle between them in the end. Who comes out the winner? You will have to read this to discover the answer to that question.


"Love and its constant companion, sorrow, birthed this atrocity of a world."


Hunters serve mankind though humans remain unaware of their sacrifices. To do this, Hunters must shun friendships and love, lest the objects of such be used as weapons against them. Hunters also have a bloodlust, one that can only be quenched by the blood of humans. To survive and accomplish their goals, Hunters only drink the blood of the human filth they seek to destroy.


There is magic, there are skills, there is testing...but so many questions remained unanswered for this reader. The single problem I had with this book is that I wanted more answers.


One thing I do have an answer to is this "How was the writing?" I thought this book was extremely well written and I found myself highlighting quite a few quotes throughout. One that particularly struck me was this one:


"Hell was real, Tristan thought, but it wasn't some burning pit in the afterlife. Hell was reliving all your regrets and failures over and over in one never-ending instant. Hell was not appreciating what you had, and only dwelling on what you didn't. Hell was not being able to forgive yourself."


Overall, I loved this book. It was different. It was fast paced. It had a unique story-line. It had strong women. It had an antagonist that was truly monstrous, yet the reader was compelled to pity her as well. These characters were well drawn, complicated and believable. What more could a reader ask for? A sequel, that's what!


Highly recommended for fans of dark fiction, horror, and excellent writing!