Project Dechentreiter by Elder Prince

Project Dechentreiter - Elder Prince, Elder Prince, Todd Barselow, Paolo Baroni


This was a strange novella!


It was a time travel story combined with sci-fi and horror. It was also a tale of two brothers; one spoiled rotten, the other almost completely ignored,(other than to be worked to death by the family business. )


I enjoyed the first part of the story best. The last portion became confusing, but I was able to follow it, and at times I was even delighted with the creativity and imagination on display. But I think the writing was best when describing the childhood of the two brothers and how their twisted relationship developed.


I did notice a few instances of grammatical errors, but they were of the type that made me believe that English was not the first language of the author. (Later that belief was affirmed when I read in the epilogue that this book was originally written in French.)


Overall, this was a fun, unique, imaginative story and I hope the author continues producing stories like this one. Recommended for fans of horror and/or weird tales!


*The author provided me with a free copy of this book and didn't even ask for a review in exchange.*