The Agent by Jonathan Mitchell

The Agent - Jonathan Mitchell


This author shows promise, but this book left me a little confused.


I read this with my horror group and the opinions on it were quite varied; the following is what I thought-without getting too much into the plot.


I thought the quality of the writing was quite good. The editing was also excellent. The problem I had with this story was the ending, or perhaps the last 20% or so. I felt like I was left with too many unanswered questions-mainly WHY? Why the main character and not some other guy? Why did the protagonist do what he did at the end, just when he was getting his shit together? The author did provide some slight reasoning for this, but it was not a full explanation and what was there was not clear to me.


The plot itself was a good one, and I especially enjoyed the portions about the cult/religion. There was a lot left on the table to explore there and I hope that the author will revisit it at some point in the future.


Overall, I thought this short novel or novella (?) was good and showed imagination, creativity and some writing chops. However, a little less confusion and a clearer ending would have put this story into the "above average" range and would have resulted in a higher recommendation from me. As I said, I think the author does have promise and I would be interested in reading more from him in the future.