Blood 20: Tales of Vampire Horror by Tanith Lee

Blood 20: Tales of Vampire Horror - Tanith Lee

I finished this collection of vampire tales from Tanith Lee and I enjoyed them, though not all of them floated my boat.


When I was offered the chance to read this volume for free, I jumped at it. I was familiar with Lee's name and her recent death last June, and I felt sad that I hadn't yet read any of her work. Here was my chance to rectify that.


This was a mixed bag of tales. There were twenty of them and the only connecting thread was vampires. However, they may or may not be vampires similar to those you've read about in the past. These tales varied from the more recent and technological, like VHONE , the newest and latest cell phone that you suckle like a newborn babe, (I love my VHONE),or to a vampire in a nursing home, (or does she have Alzheimer's?) as in La Vampiresse ,or to Winter Flowers where the vampires get out-vampired.


Of all these stories, there was one I did not finish, Bite-Me-Not , and one other that I didn't care for. There were a few more than those I mentioned above that I thought were home runs, like Blood Chess and Remember Me , (a tale about the birth and rise of Van Helsing.)


Overall, these vampire tales ranged from modern to ancient, from short to quite long, and everything in between. The creativity to invent vampires in almost every age and situation one can think of boggles the imagination. I know that Chelsea Quinn Yarbro does it and does it very well and I now think of Tanith Lee along that same vein.



To write stories about vampires where the vampire is not the main event is pretty tricky business in my book, and in this case I think Tanith Lee has managed it quite well. These tales are about people, their preconceptions about vampires, and what happens to them both. If that sounds interesting to you, I recommend you check out this collection!


*I received a free copy of this collection from Telos Publishing in exchange for an honest review. This is it.*