Talk About A Scary Situation...


My mom hasn't been right for quite a while now, and we've recently discovered why. She was just diagnosed with dementia. Yesterday, after extensive testing, we found out that she is already at the "moderate" stage. We're scared.


My mother and I have never really gotten along. I've always been a bit jealous of families where the mother and daughter are close because we've never had that. We're so opposite from each other that sometimes it's hard to believe that we're actually related.


I can't think of a more scary real life situation than seeing a person that you've known all your life turn into someone that doesn't even know you. I'm scared. She's scared.


It's awful not knowing when it's going to get worse. Because, we've been assured, it will get worse. When will she no long be able to live alone? How fast will it progress? Will she turn into one of those dementia patients that wander off? When will she no longer recognize me? How do we deal with our fears and all of the arrangements that need to be made? 


It's hard for both of us to face such an uncertain future. I think it's odd that I can handle all kinds of supernatural horror, ghosts, scary clowns, etc... but I turn into a scared child just thinking about this situation. Weird, huh?