Blood and Rain by Glenn Rolfe

Blood and Rain - Glenn Rolfe


Who doesn't enjoy a good werewolf tale once in a while? Fall is the perfect time to read this short novel about evil in a small town, under a full moon.


Gilson's Creek was troubled in the past by the Full Moon Killer. Now it's troubled by more crimes. Is this a return of the same killer or something else entirely? You will need to read Blood and Rain to find out!


I found that the pacing was very slow during the first third of the book. After that though, it picked up so much that I read the rest of the book all in the same day. The character development left a little to be desired. At first, I was mixing them up, but it all did become clearer as the story progressed.


I felt that the best writing was to be found in the middle-to the end-of the novel where the

werewolves were coming into their own. It felt like the author was excited about these portions and that really shone through with the writing. 

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This is the second story of Rolfe's that I've read. I think this tale shows improvement: in his descriptions and in the quality of his writing. For those reasons, I will continue to keep Glenn Rolfe on my reading radar. He's coming into his own and I want to be there when he arrives.


Recommended for fans of werewolf tales, and for those who love the "evil in a small town" theme!


*A free copy of this novel was provided to me by Mr. Rolfe, in exchange for an honest review. This is it.*