Interworld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves, narrated by Christopher Evan Welch

InterWorld (Audio) - Neil Gaiman, Christopher Evan Welch


"Opposition is unproductive." This phrase appeared in the book and cracked me up. All I could think of was: "Resistance is futile." (Trekkies out there will know what I'm talking about.)


I didn't realize that this was a Young Adult title when I requested it from the library. Since I had already downloaded it, I figured I would give it a listen anyway, and I'm glad I did.


This wasn't the usual Gaiman fare, it's a sci-fi tale about a young man named Joey Harker who discovers he's a "walker." I'm not going to get into the plot as several reviews already do so.


This narrator, Christopher Evan Welch, he's fantastic! Especially the voicing for Lady Indigo-he seriously rocked her voice and tone.(He also narrated "The Art of Racing in the Rain", which I loved.)


If you enjoy YA sci-fi, which-honestly- I did NOT, before listening to this tale, you will most likely enjoy this imaginative story.  I highly recommend the audio version because this narrator is fantastic! I'm off to reserve the second book now.