Ivy's Envy by Latashia Figueroa

Ivy's Envy (Want & Decay Book 1) - Latashia Figueroa


 I just finished this and I immediately thought-When's the next book coming out?


"Ivy James, you’re going to learn you can’t have your way all the time, girl." This was the recurring theme throughout this story. Ivy is gorgeous, sexy and not quite right in the head. She's used to getting her own way, and if she can't get what she wants through normal channels, she will find another route. Because Ivy does get her own way, and pretty much all the time, too.


I loved this tale of familial obligations, misplaced love and failed seduction. It's twisted and effed up and that's how I like my horror to be.


Bravo to you, Latashia, bring on the next book!


Highly recommended for fans of twisted horror!


*I was provided a free copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review. This is it.*