Milk-Blood by Mark Matthews

MILK-BLOOD - Mark  Matthews, Elderlemon Design, Richard   Thomas

*I just realized that my review of this never carried over to Booklikes. I noticed it  because I am putting together a post for Tuesday with some VERY EXCITING news about this book. Watch this space!*


This is a serious as shit, no holds barred, urban horror story. It was difficult to read at times and I've read a lot of horror books. Trust me on this.


Being an addiction counselor, Mark Matthews knows what he is talking about when it comes to drug addictions. There are scenes here where characters are using drugs and the things they do-the things they put their bodies through- they're hard to stomach. Really hard.


When these scenes involve children, it's even worse. Somehow though, he reels the reader in-and with no soft promises that everything is going to be okay- either. Everything is definitely NOT okay. In fact, there is one scene from this story that I will never forget and even now, (I read this some months back before it was released), it sends chills up my spine.


It sounds like a brutal book, and it was, but in a way, I still found hope in it. Maybe just in the fact that someone noticed Lilly or thought about Lilly and her life. Or maybe I have to feel that way, so I don't have to admit that lives like this actually exist.


Highly recommended for fans of urban horror!


* I served as a beta reader on this book.*