You're Never Weird On the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day

You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost): A Memoir - Felicia Day


This was an audio book that I downloaded from my local library and it was a lot of fun!


This is not my usual fare. I do listen to audios and I do enjoy autobiographies, but usually they are about politicians, actors, writers or other people that I'm actually familiar with. I have no idea who the hell Felicia Day is, even now, but I enjoyed this book just the same.


She's an interesting and strong woman, with degrees in both violin and in math, so she's a smart woman as well. Armed with both degrees, she decided to become an actress. This was just one of the odd decisions she's made in her life, and it's part of what made her so interesting to me.


Since I do not play video games and since I haven't seen her web series, The Guild, my eyes sort of glazed over during those portions of the book, but she continued to hold my interest. And when her mental health started going down the drain, she was brutally honest about how it affected her life and what she (finally) did to help and protect herself. I found the information helpful-particularly since her symptoms were not what you'd expect them to be.


Felicia Day is funny, I now know that, and what she has to say is important. Not just the mental health stuff, but about Gamer-Gate, (which, admittedly, I know little about, surprise!), and other aspects of her life, as a woman in business. I think these things are important to and for women, and one could do worse than getting this kind of information from her. 


Recommended for fans of humorous autobiographies and smart women!