Marrow's Legacy (The Godgame, Book 0) by Keith Deininger

Marrow's Legacy (The Godgame Book 0) - Keith Deininger

At the end of this novella/prologue, I found myself wanting to immediately jump into The Godgame, and that's just what I'm going to do.


I received this short novella in email form, as did all subscribers to Keith Deininger's newsletter. I regret waiting so long to check it out. Set in the same world as Marrow's Pit|, (you can find my review here), I was delighted to jump back into the Machine to see what's been going on. I am also delighted to be continuing on with The Godgame. I can't wait to see what Keith has in store!


Recommended to fans of dark fiction, dark fantasy and steampunk.