Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez-Audible Full Cast Production

FREE: Locke & Key - Tatiana Maslany, Audible Studios, Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodríguez, Kate Mulgrew, Haley Joel Osment, Full Cast


How awesome was this audio book of the graphic novel series of Locke & Key? It was SO awesome, I'm almost rendered wordless.


This was a full cast production and it brought these characters to life. This cast were so skilled at their work; these characters seemed real to me and I even shed a few tears at the end, something I rarely do when reading anything.


All I can say is BRAVO! Bravo to the cast! Bravo to Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez for writing and illustrating the graphic novels in the first place, and BRAVO to whomever decided to give this away for free! Thank you so much, I had a blast!